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Egypt and Syria: Beyond Repair

What do an insolvent Egypt and a disintegrating Syria mean for the governance of the Middle East?

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Propaganda Meets Social Media

What does propaganda look like in the age of Twitter?

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Democracy Goes into Reverse

Western leaders more or less unthinkingly assume that democracy will eventually triumph worldwide. Are they correct?

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Being a Woman in Turkey and in the Middle East

What did the Arab Spring do for the rights of women in the Middle East? And how can the West help?

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Today’s Middle East: 1848 Redux?

Will the 2011 revolutions in the Middle East give way to a counterrevolutionary movement that rolls back its reforms?

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Discounting the Finances of Egypt

Could Egypt’s economic and financial problems be even worse than the political ones?

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Egypt One Year Later: Going the Way of Iraq?

Why is Iraq’s democratic transition a less-than-perfect model for Egypt?

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Mohamed Bouazizi: The Spark that Ignited the Arab Spring

How did a humble Tunisian fruit vendor unleash a tide of protest throughout the Arab world?

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Occupy Wall Street and America’s Un-Representative Democracy

How do Egyptians, Iranians and Chinese look at the way U.S. authorities are handling the Wall Street protests?

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The Egyptian Military Is Lifting Its Mask

Can Egypt’s military be trusted to allow democracy to take root in the country?

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