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Employment and Ecology: The Twin Challenges for Humanity (Part IV)

How will the global community face the twin challenges of employment and protecting the planet’s ecology?

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The Dividends of Middle East Peace

What could the people of the Middle East achieve if conflict were not omnipresent?

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Traveling Across the EU on a BMW (Part II)

How are the effects of the economic crisis visible to a motorcyclist riding through Europe?

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Traveling Across the EU on a BMW (Part I)

How does Europe look through the eyes of an Indian motorcyclist?

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Germany's Economic Wall Remains

Have Germany’s East and West truly integrated?

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An American in Poland, Anno 1983: On the Road (Part I)

What were the impressions during a trip to Poland of students who were members of the Protestant student community in Bonn, Germany, in April 1983?

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The Legacy of Walls

What were the economic and social consequences of the Berlin Wall?

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Brazil as a Role Model for Latin America (Part IV)

Why has quality of life improved in Brazil over the last two decades?

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A Future City of Knowledge or a Killing Field?

How has the Mexican city of Monterrey been affected by the drug violence?

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The Rise of the Sultan of the North

How did Monterrey become one of the most prominent — and Americanized — cities in Mexico?

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