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Boris Johnson: Africa and the Commonwealth Beware

Johnson thinks Africa can benefit from adopting more British values. He wants it to be a carbon copy of its former colonial masters.

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Reimagining Globalism in the Trump Era

All of us must resist the impulse to go blame-gaming and making every international relationship a zero-sum game.

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“Nice” China? The Aloofness of Pax Sinica

Given its inherent sense of superiority, could China — once a global hegemon — be more peaceful than its Western (and especially U.S.) predecessors?

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China in My Life — A Personal Journey: The 1960s

What happened when China was eclipsed by the rise of neighboring Japan?

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Colonialism Applied to Europe: Mazower’s “Hitler’s Empire”

Mark Mazower’s “Hitler’s Empire: How the Nazis Ruled Europe” is a magisterial book.

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Hong Kong: The West’s Last Colony

Hong Kong was the last significant Western colonial possession. Its handover to China marked the rise of Asia.

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Charlie Hebdo and the Project of French Identity

What to do when you are no longer the next universal vision for humanity?

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Three Myths About the Middle East

No, the region isn’t the source of all evil.

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Celebrating India’s Independence

After 66 years of independence from colonial rule, what does India have to show for it?

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Canada, the Savage Invader?

Does Canada really help explain the United States’ characteristic “way of war”?

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