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Love Letter to a Troubled Turkey

Reflections on the occasion of the car bomb in Ankara.

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Nigeria: Lights, Camera, Action!

Each year, Nigeria’s film industry makes more movies than Hollywood. Get behind the scenes with these photos.

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9 Facts: Beethoven for the World

Beethoven’s music helped fundamentally reshape the way we experience music.

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China’s Age-Old Matchmaking Traditions

What is the history behind marriage matchmaking in China and where is it headed?

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Anatol Zukerman on the United States

Why “Responsible Art” is important: United States of America

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Anatol Zukerman on Russia

How political art helps us grasp unpleasant political realities: The case of Russia/Soviet Union.

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Food and Foreign Policy: A Diplomatic Cuisine

What can food teach us about global conflicts and creative diplomacy?

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Japan: Where Leaning In Isn’t Enough

Japan has to bring about a change in the national psyche about women and work.

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Europe 1914: Lessons for China and Japan in 2014

Avoiding geopolitical conflict and seeking justice and reconciliation.

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Exporting Japanese Food Culture

Japanese cuisine has become a UNESCO world cultural heritage. What role can that play in reviving the economy?

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