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Bitcoin Debacle: The Myth of Virtual Money

Bitcoin is another scheme that simply does not match hyper-libertarian expectations.

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United States Blames Germany? What Nonsense.

For the U.S. Treasury to criticize German economic policies is rather rich.

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European Blame Games: A 20-Year Retrospective

What lessons can be drawn from a big crisis 20 years ago to help overcome the current malaise in Europe?

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U.S. Housing Recovery: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Is the U.S. housing market finally in recovery or are investors manipulating it again?

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U.S. Dollar Decline as a National Strategy?

Is relying on a weak dollar really a promising economic strategy? Why would it not work as advertised?

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U.S. Futures and Out-of-Control Deficits

Does the United States have to worry about a currency crash, just as the United Kingdom experienced in 1956?

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Imagining a Post-Dollar World

Are the dollar’s days as the global reserve currency numbered?

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Merkel’s European Message

Why must Germany step up its game if Europe is to survive its crisis?

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Who Really Gains from the Euro?

How has the euro crisis turned the potential benefits of the euro for the South into a substantial loss for everybody?

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A Brief History of Cheap Labor

How was cheap labor key to turning Britain, Germany and the United States into industrial powers?

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