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The Inexorable End of the Africa Story

Is all the excitement about the future of Africa’s economy really justified? Or is the continent’s success mostly just a commodities story?

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Big-Time Exporters

In which major country do exports account for the highest share of the national economy?

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Where Would China Be Without Nixon?

What would today’s global economic landscape look like had Nixon not gone to China in 1973?

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Relaunching the European Convergence Machine

How can Europe achieve — and sustain — a post-crisis economic recovery?

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France’s Economy is Doing All Right, Thanks

Does France really stand to gain much from emulating the German economy?

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U.S.-China Economic Relations: The Next 40 Years

How can the United States and China each accomplish their economic goals, while not doing so at the other’s expense?

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Santa Claus as a Symbol of the Global Economy

Santa is a long-term, sustainable exporter operating a global business in many different markets.

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U.S. Dollar Decline as a National Strategy?

Is relying on a weak dollar really a promising economic strategy? Why would it not work as advertised?

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Now Is Not the Time To Bet Against Greece

Why is it premature to speculate that Greece will default on its sovereign debt?

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The Rebalancing of China

Why has China’s growth largely been one-sided — and what can be done to change the situation?

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