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In Charts: Global Hunger

A collection of charts, maps and graphs exploring global hunger — in a world that has enough food to feed everyone.

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In Charts: Global Poverty

A collection of charts, maps and graphs exploring global poverty, those affected and the challenges they face.

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8 Facts for World Food Day

October 16 is World Food Day.

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The Republican War On the Poor

How credible are the Republicans claims that they support the poor?

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Imagining a Post-Military World (Part I)

Can the world’s governments strike a better balance in what it spends on security and what it spends on the world’s neediest people?

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Women’s Equality Is the Best Way to Reduce World Hunger

How can sustained efforts on behalf of women's rights help alleviate the world's hunger problem?

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Why Osama bin Laden Hates Microfinance

Has Osama bin Laden become the first prophet in a new line of Islamic Marxists? Or is he just another would-be dictator searching for specious arguments?

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Brazil: Navigating the Straits of Globalization

How is Brazil seeking to achieve its development goals?

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Do We Know How to Develop?

Does economic growth always lead to a better quality of life?

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Weathering the French Revolution

What role did climate and weather play in the French Revolution?

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