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The Islam Factor in Indonesia’s Elections

Using the Islamic lens is the focus of Western analysis when it comes to assessing Indonesia’s political present and future. This limits proper understanding.

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Land of the Increasingly Non-Free

Many young democracies with flawed institutions are struggling not to slide backward. Turkey has failed.

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Over 400 Languages: India and the United States

The world’s second- and third-most populous countries share a linguistic diversity.

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Indonesia: Colonial Independence and the Cold War

From Dutch rule to one of the world’s major economies and populations.

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China’s ASEAN Coup

Washington is outmaneuvered on the South China Sea Dispute by deft diplomacy, as ASEAN renders itself useless.

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Indonesia Burning

How Indonesia’s out-of-control deforestation and slash-and-burn contributes massively to global warming emissions.

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Factoring in Deforestation Emissions

What percentage of global CO2 emissions from human activity stems from deforestation and land conversion?

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Jokowi and the Hopes for a More Dynamic Indonesia

Indonesia’s Troubled Trade Relationship with the United States.

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Indonesia: Why the US Needs to Pay Closer Attention

The United States needs to treat the unassuming Indonesian President Widodo with the attention due to his country.

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Indonesia at a Critical Juncture

Great political and social hurdles stand in the way of Indonesia’s development.

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