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Toothless American Internet Giants?

In the past decade, America’s internet giants have grown to an enormous size. But the next few years are likely to be much less friendly to them.

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The Orwellian Danger of Facebook

Is Mark Zuckerberg really in control of Facebook? Or is he a sorcerer’s apprentice that cannot handle the invention?

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Google and the Birth of a Digital God?

A question that not only science fiction lovers should ask is: What future do we want to live in?

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5G: China’s Dream to Dominate World Technology

The China threat and the U.S.-European convergence of interests.

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Disinformation Campaigns and Public Mistrust

Disinformation needs to be tackled by a troika – individual members of the public, the social media companies and governments.

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Can Technology Facilitate Democracy? The Case of India

Technology might help countries like India with government services, but it’s no silver bullet for the business of governance.

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The Rise of Digital Workers

As more digital freelancers find work through online labor platforms, taxing their income will become increasingly difficult.

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The Rise — and Fall? — of Google

Google’s dominance of the internet could bring them under threat of antitrust action.

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Ten Facts: Iran and the Internet

Can the reform government in Iran finally bring the country’s internet up to speed?

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New Approaches to Inequality

Thinking beyond traditional economics perspectives to address inequality.

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