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Arab World: No Shortcuts to Deradicalization

The root cause of radicalization is embedded in a nation’s internal socio-economic and political disorder.

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The End of the Age of Reason?

The United States, Russia, the Islamic State and the new irrational world.

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France and Its Jews

France must act quickly to stop a new wave of anti-Semitism.

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Europe’s Eager Islamism Understanders

After more than 25 years of Islamist killings in Europe, isn’t it time to stop blaming Israel or George W. Bush?

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Charlie Hebdo and the Project of French Identity

What to do when you are no longer the next universal vision for humanity?

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The Challenge of the “Islamic State”

Only intelligence services can track down IS terrorists before they return home in order to carry out terrorist attacks in Europe or America.

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Reform Islam Vs. the Billionaire Barons

Islam isn’t inherently backward – it’s being held back by powerful donors.

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12 Ways Tunnels Shaped Warfare

From antiquity to Gaza, tunnels let insurgents take on a powerful enemy

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The United States and NATO in Afghanistan — An Asian Viewpoint

As hard power from the West has failed in Asia, what are the options for a new and different U.S. policy toward the region?

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Pakistan’s Elections: How to Remake a Society

Could all the suicide bombings and car bombs indicate that the forces of medievalism are losing the battle for Pakistan?

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