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Terabyte Leaks and Political Legitimacy in the U.S. and China

What the brave new world of global information warfare means for political and business elites everywhere.

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Shorting Greece — Or the World?

What are the pros and cons of putting Greece’s recent bailout to a popular referendum?

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The Internal Logic of China’s Political Development

Why is positive political change in China less likely to come from outside pressure than from continued economic growth?

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Global Governance: Lessons from Europe

What can the world learn about global governance from the diplomatic model of the European Union?

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Consensual Delegation of Sovereignty

What changes are needed to make global governance more effective and inclusive?

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Why the War in Afghanistan Cannot Be Won

Why is the situation in Afghanistan today resembling the quagmire in Vietnam in the 1960s?

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Are States Still Relevant?

How important is the state in the modern era of globalization?

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The West in Disarray

Has the West failed at its dream of spreading democracy?

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The Chinese Brand of Democracy

Can China produce its own model of democracy separate from Western ideals?

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On the Eternal Relevance of the UN

Can the United States reckon on full EU support to rebuild Iraq in the aftermath of war in that country?

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