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(Non-) Nuclear Trump: The Ahmadinejad of the West?

Just who is copying whom?

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Rohani’s Presidential Pulpit

Can the incoming Iranian president outmaneuver his country’s hardliners on foreign affairs? Will that enhance global governance?

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Election 2013: Expectations of the Iranian People

What are Iranian voters expecting from the June 2013 presidential election compared with the 2009 election and Green uprising?

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Iran, Syria and Blurry Red Lines

Are the “red lines” set by the United States for weapons of mass destruction a lot less sharp in a post-Iraq Middle East?

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How Israel Helped a Rogue State Go Nuclear

Should Israel’s nuclear collaboration with South Africa’s apartheid-era regime change the way we think about the prospect of a nuclear Middle East?

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Time for an Iranian Spring?

Will the recent protests in Tehran give birth to an Iranian Spring?

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Dateline Tehran: Brazil's Big-League Diplomacy (Part II)

Is Brazil about to change the rules of diplomacy?

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Dateline Tehran: Brazil’s Big-League Diplomacy (Part I)

Could Brazil displace the United States as the leader in global diplomacy?

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From "Rogues" to "Outliers"

Can Iran and North Korea change their behavior absent a change in the character of their regimes?

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Connecting Tiananmen and Tehran

How do China’s past instances of civil unrest compare with Iran’s current situation?

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