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Russia: Energy Resources and Corruption Perception

Russia has abundant natural resources, but is also highly dependent on them.

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Iran Protests: The Oil and Gas Dimension

Iranians have long taken national pride in their natural resource wealth. But ordinary people aren’t seeing the benefits.

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Mugabe’s 37 Years

What is next for Zimbabwe?

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After Mugabe: Zimbabweans Hope for a Better Life

Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe could use its bountiful natural resources to usher in a new era.

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China Vs. the West: The Renewables Arms Race

How should the West respond to China becoming a renewables superpower?

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Asia’s Scramble for Africa: Who Woos Best?

China and Japan wage a charm offensive to win access to Africa’s resources.

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Why Other Nations Fail (But Australia Succeeds)

Is Australia’s success as a country dumb luck — or is it due to its inclusive and democratic institutions?

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New Approaches to Inequality

Thinking beyond traditional economics perspectives to address inequality.

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Just the Facts: Nigeria’s Oil Thieves

A dangerous game plays out in Africa’s most populous nation.

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The United States as a Failing State? A Perspective From 2013

A country’s success or failure must be measured against its inherent potential.

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