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Greece: A Solid Base for Reform

The European Commission should grant Greece short-term fiscal leeway under the condition that Mitsotakis indeed delivers the promised reforms.

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Greece: The Mitsotakis Family Clan is Back in Power

Mitsotakis can celebrate his win and the return of his family clan to political power. But the problems will arrive very fast in Greece.

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Winners and Losers in Europe

Europe and the EU have undergone great changes in recent times. Here are five winners and five losers.

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Can Germany Provide Global Solutions?

Germany’s leaders talk about taking on more responsibilities in world affairs. But the country’s government struggles with even basic forms of efficiency.

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After Merkel: Germany’s Tax State Faces Its Limits

Denying the root causes for the increased frustration of the public with existing policies is not going to regain trust. “Populism” will continue to gain support.

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After Merkel: Lax Migration Rules Trigger More Poverty

The entire increase in the share of people running the risk of poverty since 2005 is due to the bigger share of immigrants in the German society.

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Will Italy’s Finances Shake Europe?

Five Star leader Di Maio still has not learned that comments which may go down well during an election campaign can easily backfire for a senior politician in office.

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The Europeanization of the Anti-Europeans

The big prize being eyed by the anti-European and xenophobic parties are the elections to the European Parliament next May.

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Italy and the Populists: Heading for an Even Hotter September?

It may take a further rise in Italian bond yields to remind the populist government’s leaders in Rome that their room for maneuver to operate with more debt is very limited.

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As Goes Fenerbahce, So Does Erdogan?

Uncanny parallels between one of Turkey’s top football clubs and the outcome of Turkey’s upcoming general elections.

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