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Let’s Be Practical About Building a Better World

What will it take to get the world community to effectively deal with the proliferation of global problems?

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ISDS: Corporations Overpowering Governments and Democracy?

Investor-state dispute settlement provisions in trade deals have backfired and undercut public confidence in global integration.

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A Better CETA: One Big Cheer for Wallonia

While the rest of Europe ducked, one region stood up for important principles of responsible globalization.

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America’s Proposed TPP: Buyer Beware

Pacific-rim nations to get astonishingly small gains from the deal, while exposing themselves to high risks.

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TTIP: Getting Past “No”

To make TTIP a success, negotiators should embrace public involvement.

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TTIP’s Effects on the Global Economy

In uncertain economic times, TTIP means stronger ties within the West — and with the rest.

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What’s Next for the WTO?

To reform the WTO, the director-general can take a cue from his home nation, Brazil.

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Small Business and the WTO

Why small businesses are likely to benefit from the WTO’s new agreement.

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Time for a New Global Trade Deal

The next big international trade deals should focus on green growth.

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Those Pesky German Trade Surpluses

Why it is in Germany’s own interest to change course.

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