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Reimagining China and Asia

How are Asian countries responding to the steady erosion of U.S. power in the region? And how is China playing its hand?

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Trump and America’s China Problem

While the U.S. President grandstands, the Chinese leadership changes global power dynamics – by stealing a page from American history.

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How Trump’s Iran Move Plays Into China’s Hands

The U.S. abandoning the Iran nuclear deal is the height of folly. It aligns Iran with China, and away from Europe.

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The US Has to Accept North Korea as a Nuclear Power

We must accept that North Korea is a nuclear power and rely on nuclear deterrence while normalizing relations in the process.

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Troubles in Washington, Troubles in Beijing

The U.S. and China may seem completely out of step – but face many of the same challenges.

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China’s Strategic Caution

China has established a seven-decade-long record of strategic caution and a preference for diplomatic and paramilitary rather than military solutions to national security problems.

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Tillerson in Asia

With its short-term focus on what currently occupies the American mind (North Korea), the U.S. is actually playing into China’s hands in Asia.

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Avoiding War with China

In recent years, many American leaders have grown cavalier about nuclear war, especially with Russia, but there is also risk of a devastating conflict with China.

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Trump’s Meddling in Asia

U.S. pressure on China to “do something” about North Korea results from the Trump team’s lack of regional knowledge.

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Mr. Trump: Focus on China

American worker’s prosperity depends on it.

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