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Trump Vs. the U.S. Separation of Powers

How it has taken a political novice in the White House only a year and a half to hollow out the centuries-old system of the U.S. separation of powers.

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From Representative Democracy Back to Republic?

What radical U.S. conservatives forget about the country’s founding.

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Not So Exceptional After All

How the Netherlands provided the guidebook for America’s founding.

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The Need for U.S. Constitutional Reform

A country that preaches modernization to other nations does anything but that at home.

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California Vs. the United States

California is a land of its own, constrained by 49 other states. How many of the smallest U.S. states would it take to reach the population of California?

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Marianne and Brunhilde: Reflections on France and Germany in Europe (Part I)

Are France and Germany so vital to the EU precisely because they disagree on virtually everything?

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Obama’s Third Term

Why is the United States forever engaging in political scandals and horse races — rather than in the business of governing?

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A Brief History of U.S. Defaults

Does the United States have a stellar credit record — or is it a nation of deadbeats?

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Next Stop: The U.S. Debt Ceiling Debate

What’s the historical background of Congressional negotiations over domestic debt?

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Occupy Wall Street and the Missing American Revolution

What is the historic context and potential significance of the protest movement directed against Wall Street?

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