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US: Headless on China

The United States’ greatest failing is the inability to fashion a strategic conception that accommodates the rise of China as a superpower.

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China in My Life — A Personal Journey: The 1950s

How does the emergence of China look through the prism of a Westerner’s life?

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The Iran Deal: Just Another Sales Opportunity

The Gulf countries are lusting for more U.S. military hardware. Washington’s influence peddlers love that.

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A Tale of Three Americas

Examining the effects of the U.S. division into Main Street, Wall Street and Washington.

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Beyond NSA Spying: The Transatlantic Culture Gap

The Guardian op-ed by Stephan Richter and Jan Philipp Albrecht: What can be done to deter U.S. spying in Europe?

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Does the U.S. Really Have the World’s Highest Corporate Tax Rate?

Ending a favorite U.S. myth, in 10 facts.

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The House of Unrepresentatives: 20 Facts About Congress In a Shutdown

The U.S. Congress is redefining the phrase “idle rich” during the government shutdown.

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Don’t Blame the Republicans for America’s Destruction

Why we need a Coffee Party movement.

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Walmart: Benevolent Dictator of America

After the D.C. mayor’s veto: What’s Walmart’s real game plan — aside from refusing to pay a living wage?

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Obama’s Amateur Hour

Syria: When “red lines” lead to red faces.

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