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The Globalist’s Top 10 Features on Japan

Top features on Japan’s uncertain future.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe


  • The Globalist's top article on Japan in 2014 is about economic decline and the lessons for Europe.

[ 1 ] How Japan Bankrupted Itself

By Daniel Stelter | The story of Japan’s decline — and the lessons for Europe.

Published on December 19, 2014

[ 2 ] War and Peace in Asia: There Are Always Choices

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann | China is becoming a global power. Can it break the bellicose pattern set by all previous rising global powers?

Published on February 13, 2014

[ 3 ] Japan: A Polite Nation’s Dark Underbelly

By John West | A poor record on human rights hurts democracy in Japan.

Published on October 8, 2014

[ 4 ] Japan: Where Leaning In Isn’t Enough

By Shihoko Goto | Japan has to bring about a change in the national psyche about women and work.

Published on February 16, 2014

[ 5 ] Japan Must Own Up to Past Actions

By Martin Sieff | Diaoyu Islands: China’s posture reflects Japan’s failure to show contrition for the past.

Published on January 10, 2014

[ 6 ] Japan: From Abenomics to Abeggedon

By Kenneth Courtis | Japan’s lack of political circumspection has economic consequences.

Published on November 26, 2014

[ 7 ] Japan: A Venetian Destiny?

By John West | Japan and Venice share a similar history, but Japan should change course before that history repeats itself.

Published on June 11, 2014

[ 8 ] Japan Rolls the Dice: A Report From Tokyo

By Kenneth Courtis | On the global consequences of a large economy refusing to reform itself.

Published on November 1, 2014

[ 9 ] U.S.-Japan: A Difficult Alliance

By Satish Tandon | What’s at stake in Obama’s April 2014 visit.

Published on April 21, 2014

[ 10 ] Asia’s Scramble for Africa: Who Woos Best?

By Shihoko Goto | China and Japan wage a charm offensive to win access to Africa’s resources.

Published on January 26, 2014

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