Kenneth Courtis

Kenneth S. Courtis is chairman of Starfort Investment Holdings and managing partner of Courtis Global & Associates.

Bad News from the Global Oil Market

oil well

Trump’s tweet-based badgering of the Saudis to increase production will not ease pressures resting on the global oil market. High time to do a reality check.

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Ukraine: Something Is Happening Here…

After using the Russian invasion diligently for plenty of international support, Ukraine’s elites aren’t holding up their side of the bargain: They keep ruining their country.

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Ukraine’s Downward Spiral

A report from Kiev on corruption and hopelessness.

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Syria: The Equation Changes As Germany’s Merkel Makes a Move

Will the U.S. government catch up to Russia, China, Iran and Germany as they shape a new global consensus on Syria?

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Sunny London Sunday… and Other Satanic Verses

Calls for still more military action against Syria? We have been here before… Too many times.

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Why Single Out China?

Governments everywhere respond to stock market turmoil — not just China’s.

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Japan: From Abenomics to Abeggedon

shinzo abe

Japan’s lack of political circumspection has economic consequences.

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Japan Vs. China: Oil and a Tale of Two Countries

How the oil price drop has very different effects on China and Japan.

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The Oil Price Crash: Who Dunnit?

oil well

Observations on the latest Saudi-American geo-strategic drone.

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Obama, Move Over

Strong performances by Xi and Putin at the APEC Summit.

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