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The Constraints and Responsibilities of a CEO

What’s it like to lead a giant pharmaceutical company?

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Eurobonds: The Solution to the Euro Crisis?

Would eurobonds create more problems than they would solve?

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Water: The Elixir of Life

Why could water become one of the world's most precious natural resources?

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Globalist Interview with Alan Greenspan: Should Jobs Matter in the U.S. Trade Debate?

Can the United States really rely on trade and exports to create jobs?

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The Vindication of Joe Stiglitz

Why is there a reasonable risk of another financial crisis within five to ten years?

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Guideposts for the Post-Bubble World

Why is it unlikely the fallout from the U.S. subprime crisis will come to a quick end?

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Oil’s Futures…And Beyond (Part II)

How will the world's energy mix change over the next several decades?

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Oil’s Futures…And Beyond (Part I)

How is Shell planning to meet the world's future energy needs?

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Kagan’s World

With several new world powers on the rise, what is the future of U.S. global leadership?

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Europe’s Declaration of Independence

In what areas does Europe surpass the United States?

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