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U.S.: Police Warfare on Blacks Must Stop

U.S. police have to change their stance on black Americans.

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After Cincinnati: The Enemy is Within

Police in the US: Just who holds whom in low regard?

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Obama’s Haunting Legacy

A two-term presidency spent on running away from Black America.

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Racial Disparity in the United States

Why are black Americans protesting across the nation?

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From Ferguson to Baltimore (Via Manassas)

Reflections on the militarization of the U.S. police.

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A Story of Poverty in New York City

A young couple in New York City try to panhandle enough money to raise a child.

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The Globalist’s Top 10 Features on African Americans

A selection of the best features on African Americans published by The Globalist in 2014.

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The U.S. Torture Report and White Supremacy

How the “debate” over U.S. torture unmasks a wider truth of thinly veiled White supremacy in official policy.

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America’s Police: Preparing Urban Warfare

What connects Mexico’s Iguala, Ferguson and New York City?

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Ferguson/US: Police Systematically Out of Control

The far too liberal use of deadly force by police in a conservative country.

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