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Why Erdogan is on a Nationalist Path

Erdogan’s embrace of nationalist rhetoric and actions could have important repercussions on Turkish foreign policy.

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War Cabinet or Peace Cabinet in Turkey?

The choice of coalition after this weekend’s elections will tell us much about Turkey’s future path.

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Ankara Blues: Yet More Bombings

Reflections on the cheapness of life in Turkey.

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United States: How Turkey Fell Out of Favor

Turkey is no longer seen as a staunch ally in NATO but as a wayward country that wears religion and ideology on its sleeve.

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Turkey and the EU’s Self-Righteousness

Europe tends to belittle the vitality of the political debate inside Turkey and the creativity of its civil society.

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Will Erdogan Invade Syria?

A ground incursion into northern Syria could pose numerous longer-term threats to Turkey.

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Turkey’s Post-Election Scene: The AKP-CHP Option

A coalition government of the two largest parties could end an era of polarization.

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It’s Not a Conspiracy, Mr. Erdogan!

Does it make sense for Turkey’s Prime Minister to attack financial markets? They have actually been his country’s friend.

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Brazil and Turkey: The Global Middle Class Rises

Why are Brazil and Turkey both facing mass protests right now? What makes the two cases similar and what makes them different?

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Erdogan’s Fundamental Miscalculation

Why do the AK Party’s own followers have doubts about Erdogan’s path for Turkey’s future?

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