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Battery Production: Low-Risk Lithium (and Nickel)

Stable and secure countries produce most of two key metals for battery production.

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Energy Extraction Politics in the Renewable Age

Emerging market economies in a post-oil era might find themselves in the same traps when mining for the necessary metals.

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Boys in a Thai Cave: The Positive Power of Globalism

The events near Chang Rai powerfully underscore that a “global community” very much exists – and that it can have very positive effects on the lives and well-being of people.

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Reforming UNESCO’s World Heritage

Cultural and natural heritage is important to all of us. But we are doing ourselves a disservice if we allow national interests to come before quality.

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UK: Commonwealth Hype — A Reality Check

Probing the economic wisdom of the UK leaving the EU’s “Common Wealth” for former imperial shores.

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UK: Abandoning Europe, Connecting With Whom Instead?

Brexit divorce will need a good lawyer – and a hot new “girlfriend.”

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Aborigines in Australia: Living Off of the Land

Community leader Gordon “Sunno” Mitchell helps hold a local Aboriginal community together in Australia.

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From the Paradise of Dissent to the Paradise of Diversity

The economic future of South Australia

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Australia and China’s New Goddess in White

Tennis anyone? The economics of the Australian Open in the Asian Century.

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Why Other Nations Fail (But Australia Succeeds)

Is Australia’s success as a country dumb luck — or is it due to its inclusive and democratic institutions?

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