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Electric Cars: How Many Today Worldwide?

Electrification has been slow to convert the passenger automobile market, despite recent leaps.

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Electric Cars in 2040: Sustainable Development

Are we on course to electrify enough cars to meet climate change mitigation targets?

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Climate Change: Can Today’s Societies Make Big Choices?

Innovations in public decision-making and consensus-building require a richness of participation and inclusion, not just tech tools.

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After Trump’s Exit from Paris Accord: Just Sanction the Bastards!

After Trump’s exiting from the Paris Accord, no more travel freedom for all those involved in the decision-making.

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Bye Bye, Paris! Hello Centralia, Pennsylvania!

Reflections on Donald Trump’s exit from global responsibility.

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A Carbon Cost: Germany’s Energy Transformation

Germany is not on target to meet 2020 emissions targets, due in part to the setback of rapid denuclearization.

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French Emissions: Nuclear Limitations

Will France be able to maintain its low carbon emissions going forward?

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China’s Carbon Emissions: Still Rising Fast

Even on a per person basis, the outlook on Chinese decarbonization is bad.

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The Steady Beat of Wars and Heavy Rains

Women in Mozambique bear the brunt of civil war, droughts and floods.

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As the US Retreats, China Is Taking the Lead on Green Energy

China provides close to triple the average annual energy lending of the World Bank and all the Western-backed multi-lateral development banks combined.

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