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San Francisco and Prague: A Double Portrait

Remembering historic times of magic — in two magical cities.

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Prague Vs. China, Inc.

Czech capital’s mayor stands up to China and positions himself both on principle and in Czech politics.

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Central Europe: Democracy Intact, But Under Pressure

Polarized and despondent, the Czech Republic is not a happy place. Despite rising living standards, Czechs are stuck in a national malaise.

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Tomas Masaryk and Czechoslovakian Independence, 100 Years Ago

Few people are aware that Czechoslovak independence was declared in the United States, in Philadelphia on October 26, 1918.

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Hungary’s Viktor Orban: Europe’s Flame Thrower

How Viktor Orban rides the populist wave against Muslim “invaders.”

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To Secede or Not to Secede: The Case of Europe

Will the economic costs of secession keep Europe’s separatist movements in check?

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The Globalist’s Person of the Year: Vaclav Havel

How did the former Czech president view Eastern Europe’s role in the world?

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The Illogic of Czech President Vaclav Klaus

What accounts for Czech President Vaclav Klaus’s extreme skepticism about Europe’s future? Could he simply be channeling Ayn Rand?

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What Obama Can Learn from European Health Care (Part I)

How does the U.S. health care system stand up to the European countries, in particular, and the rest of the world in general?

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Vaclav Klaus, Philosopher-King

How does one best comprehend Vaclav Klaus, the Czech President?

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