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Toward a Return to the Post-World War II Financial World

Does the U.S. and British post-World War II financial model provide a way out of Greece’s fiscal crisis?

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Why Washington Has Given Up on the Unemployed

Why have Congress and President Obama done nothing to spur job creation in recent months?

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How to Solve the U.S. Debt Problem by Doing Nothing

How would complacency allow Washington to stabilize the country’s debt over the next decade?

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Is the United States Following Italy’s Lead on Debt?

Why is the United States increasingly resembling the fiscal basket case of Europe?

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Europe, the United States and Their Common Challenges

How could the current economic difficulties faced by Europe and the United States strengthen the transatlantic alliance?

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The Return of Global Inflation

How is global inflation affecting world economic development?

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Cold War Roots of U.S. Economic Problems

How did the U.S. trade policy shift after the Cold War?

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The U.S. Federal Budget and Civil Imbalances

What will be the central challenge facing the next U.S. president as the budget grows tight?

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Congo’s Oil Quagmire

Have French oil-backed loans been stunting Congo’s progress and fostering corruption?

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The Price of Liberty

Could the United States have avoided the recession by making better decisions about the economy?

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