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The Resurgence of Japanese Nationalism

Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s military choice brings Asia closer to war.

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The Homeless in Tokyo: An Understated Issue

Homeless people in Tokyo number more than the government wants to admit and sleep in the shadow of City Hall.

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9 Facts: Vietnam and South Korea’s Path to Shared Prosperity

How trade and investment can overcome a treacherous historical legacy.

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Trade as a Confidence-Building Measure in East Asia

The future of East Asia depends upon the ability of its nations to jump over the shadows of the past.

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Japan Rolls the Dice: A Report From Tokyo

On the global consequences of a large economy refusing to reform itself.

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Japan: A Polite Nation’s Dark Underbelly

A poor record on human rights hurts democracy in Japan.

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Where China Truly Innovates

The old truism of Chinese copycatting no longer applies in the online world.

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South China Seas: When China Perversely Does America’s Bidding

How China’s aggressiveness undermines its own long-term interests in Asia.

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How to Manage China

Is the highly centralized, top-down approach best for China’s future?

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President Obama’s Pirouettes in Asia

Did Japan, Korea et al. see any signs of U.S. President Obama’s Asia “pivot” in his recent trip?

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