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Can Golf Be Good For Nature?

Paul Sochaczewski attempts to solve this conundrum in his latest book.

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Chopping Down Brazil

How much of Brazil’s rainforest has been lost and what has replaced it?

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Deforestation: Set The World On Fire

How deforestation is warming the planet and what polices might rein it in.

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POTUS in Kenya

Obama’s visit to the roots of our civilization, not just his own.

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Pope Francis and the Environment

A geologist’s speed reading guide to the pope’s climate encyclical.

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China Vs. the West: The Renewables Arms Race

How should the West respond to China becoming a renewables superpower?

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The Limits of China’s Globalization Strategy

Why factoring human rights and the environment into investment will help China in the long run.

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Guide to 2014: Global Issues

Our list of the top 10 issues facing the world in the coming year.

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Living Where You Don’t Make the Rules (Part I)

Faith and cultural change in the age of globalization.

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Humanity at a Crossroads

Do we have the will, individually and collectively, to implement the changes in attitude and lifestyle that are required?

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