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The U.S. Abandons the World’s Poor at the WTO

Does allowing India and other poor countries to help farmers and consumers really distort global markets?

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Global Food Security: 10 Challenges

World Food Day reminds us of the fragility of food security in the 21st century.

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India’s Food Crises: A Close-Up

Can India be a global power when it can’t guarantee its own food security?

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Egypt, Wheat and Revolutions

Why is Russia emerging as a key factor in the political equation in Egypt?

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Can De-Chemicalizing Agriculture Save the Planet?

If pesticides, fertilizers and genetically-modified seed aren’t good for the planet, who are they good for?

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Not “Really” Problems

What are some tongue-in-cheek reasons as to why Washington need not bother fixing the United States’ problems?

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Yemen on the Brink

Why would Yemen’s president be wise to start packing his bags?

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Egypt After Mubarak: New Era of Modernization?

How can Egypt stand at the edge of a new period of modernization and opening up in the Arab world?

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Ethiopia’s Green Famine

How can a country be in famine when its fields are watered and green?

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When Commodities Revolt

How are increasing commodity prices challenging economic policies around the world?

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