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Media As “Opposition”? If Only Steve Bannon Were Right

U.S. journalists may balk at the Trump White House calling them the opposition, but that’s their proper role.

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The West and War: Culture Driving Conflict

When the world’s dominant culture exalts war, it is no wonder there is so much of it.

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India’s Mixed Record on Press Freedom

How the world’s largest democracy fares on press freedom compared to its neighbors.

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Media Terror: Press Freedom in Turkey, Mexico and Russia

Rising economic stars fade and media freedom follows.

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The Human Side of North Korea

North Koreans aren’t the robots they are often portrayed as in Western newspapers and magazines.

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The Achilles Heel of the West

Tolerance is no purpose in itself, but a precondition for reconciling truth and liberty.

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The West Against the Rest

A short history of geopolitical dominance by the West.

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Anti-Corruption Fight in China: How India Undermines Progress

India has a free press and elections — but even more corruption than China.

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Liberalism in the Arab World?

The trials and tribulations behind raising support for liberal policies in Egypt and beyond.

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Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Why is it right and smart to empower women?

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