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Balkans Vs. Journalists

Truthful reporting in the Balkans is life-threatening.

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When Murdering Journalists Becomes Commonplace

It is time to be far more forceful in defending reporters and activists who serve the public and monitor the powerful.

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Trump Vs. the Koch Brothers

Are the Koch brothers going to be devoured by the very same radical forces on the right-wing of Republican politics that they helped spawn?

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Brothers in Power: Trump and Netanyahu

The Binyamin and Donald show threatens to undermine, perhaps irredeemably, the institutions of democracy in Israel and the United States.

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Turkish Elections: A Win That Cannot Be Stolen

Turkey’s June 24 elections and the likely runoff will be determined by the opposition’s ability to stop Erdogan’s rigging attempts.

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Trump: The Most Disruptive Global Start-Up Ever

Trump aims for the total destruction of the established order, including all alliance partnerships the United States ever entered into.

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Trump’s Stalinist Roots

Making personal loyalty the measure of all government, as Donald Trump does, was tried in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin.

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“Army of Islam”: Erdogan’s Plot Against Israel

How many more sinister steps can Erdogan take before the EU and the U.S. recognize that he is a threat to Western strategic interests?

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Catholic Church in Turkey Attacked – Again

Turkey’s culture of impunity continues to make Christians an attractive target for hate crimes.

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Trump Pushes for American Authoritarianism – With Success

At the end of Trump’s first year in office, the U.S. faces graver challenges than in many generations.

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