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Barack Obama a “Progressive”?  Teddy Roosevelt Wouldn’t Agree

On Obama’s awkward efforts to defend his trade strategy.

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Obama’s Haunting Legacy

A two-term presidency spent on running away from Black America.

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Obama Abandons Allies on China’s Marshall Plan

The United States is looking increasingly left behind as it defies its closest allies in Asia.

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An America That Says No – To Itself

After the State of the Union speech, a United States that can’t agree on anything?

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When America Simply Shrugs

Despite a plethora of quite fixable problems, Americans seem increasingly inclined just to look the other way.

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No NSA Reform, No CIA Reform

Reflections on U.S. politics as an eternal talk show.

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Can the U.S. Kick Its Carbon Habit?

carbon emissions

President Obama has set ambitious carbon emission goals for the United States. Can it rise to the challenge?

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Obama’s Amnesty Further Fractures America

obama immigration

Is Obama using executive power to satisfy a constituency and put it above the rule of law?

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Why Obama Is Right on Immigration

immigration action

Like Reagan and Bush, Obama takes action when Congress won’t.

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Obama: So Good, Yet So Bad

How can someone so politically adept at campaigning be so politically incompetent at governing?

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