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Electric Cars in 2025 and 2040: New Policies

With minimal policy intervention, electrification of cars is likely to remain too slow for the world’s climate action needs.

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Electric Cars: How Many Today Worldwide?

Electrification has been slow to convert the passenger automobile market, despite recent leaps.

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Electric Cars in 2040: Sustainable Development

Are we on course to electrify enough cars to meet climate change mitigation targets?

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Museveni: The New Number 3 Post-Mugabe

Two 1980s coup leaders move up the African strongman rankings with the removal of Mugabe from power.

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The World’s Longest-Ruling Strongman

After Mugabe’s exit, Equatorial Guinea’s Teodoro Obiang remains unchallenged for the title of the world’s longest ruling dictator.

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When the Saudis Need Cash

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to sell shares in state-owned oil giant Aramco to fund the grandiose reinvention of Saudi Arabia.

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Anti-Corruption: Saudis Use China’s Playbook

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is playing the corruption card to strengthen his control over the country.

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The Saudi Paper Tiger

Far from dominant, Saudi Arabia’s future in the Middle East is that of a second fiddle state.

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Will There Be a Kurdish State?

Terrorism, oil, the crisis in Iraq, the Syrian civil war and geopolitics all weigh against the birth of a new Kurdish state.

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Russia’s Oil Reserves by the Numbers

A lucrative source of state revenue feels the squeeze.

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