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An America That Says No – To Itself

After the State of the Union speech, a United States that can’t agree on anything?

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An End to Presidential Term Limits?

How modern U.S. politics incapacitates itself.

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Ukraine: Cancel the Presidential Election! (It’s The Wrong Kind)

The May 25 presidential election does not matter. Ukraine needs a well-balanced parliamentary system.

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Germany: Desperately Seeking a Matteo Renzi

Germany needs its own Matteo Renzi to prepare the country for the challenges ahead

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Rethinking China’s Future Path

The Chinese economy in its current form may not be sustainable.

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Spain Urgently Needs Consolidation

Without significant reforms to the Spanish autonomy system, the nation’s fiscal house cannot be rebuilt.

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A History of Spanish Autonomy

How unresolved historic conflicts inside a nation undermine its future.

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Myanmar’s Phantom Capital

Why did Myanmar’s generals build a new capital in the middle of nowhere?

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1913-2013: How Russia Botched an Entire Century

Could Russia have been as successful as the United States?

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EU Efforts to Export Democracy East Stalled

What’s next for stalled EU efforts to integrate and democratize ex-Soviet states?

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