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Countering the Voices of U.S. Economic Extremism

The economic extremism from the far right could have set the United States far off course.

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From Representative Democracy Back to Republic?

What radical U.S. conservatives forget about the country’s founding.

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The Bolshevik Roots of the U.S. Tea Party

America’s Red Dawn, via the Republican Party.

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American Anger and the Tea Party

A member of Britain’s House of Lords explores the sources of Tea Party anger.

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Boehner’s Berlusconi Moment

Will it take the United States 20 years to rid itself of Tea Party obstructionism?

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The U.S. Civil War Continues

One of the biggest hoaxes of American history is that the Civil War ended back in 1865. Battling over racism then, health care now, U.S. society is still at war with itself.

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Don’t Blame the Republicans for America’s Destruction

Why we need a Coffee Party movement.

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American Exceptionalism and the Politics of Foreign Policy

Has the United States sacrificed its founding and traditional values in its conduct of foreign policy?

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Financial Markets as the New WMDs

Why do armies and weapons pale in comparison to the financial markets as threats to a country's sovereignty?

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Occupy Wall Street and the Missing American Revolution

What is the historic context and potential significance of the protest movement directed against Wall Street?

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