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Selling Out the Kurds

To recruit Turkey against ISIS, the United States lost sight of its true friends.

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Modi in America’s Footsteps

After the Myanmar military operation: Beware of boundless missions, India.

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Yes We Can: How Eisenhower Wrestled Down the U.S. Warfare State

A former war hero practices fiscal rectitude at the Pentagon.

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U.S. vs. China: Measuring the Military

There are many ways to weigh the size of a nation’s armed forces.

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Russia: Pushing Back at the United States

Looking at Russia’s recent actions in a historical context.

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10 Facts: Will Global Defense Spending Rise?

After Ukraine, many voices beat the drums for more money going to defense.

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10 Facts: Sizing Up NATO’s Defense Spending

The euro crisis means NATO militaries are likely to shrink further.

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Men in Arms, Globally

Assessing the size of militaries around the globe.

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10 Facts: Russia Vs. U.S. — Comparing Defense Spending

The two countries’ defense is outsized – and on a parallel track of sorts.

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Cyber Warfare: The Real Cold War

A successful cyber-attack on a country’s critical infrastructure is not a question of if, but when.

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