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The Road to 2050 (Part I)

What major challenges will the global community face as it approaches mid-century?

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Water: The Elixir of Life

Why could water become one of the world's most precious natural resources?

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Charles Kenny on Population Growth and the Environment

Why should environmentalists be more concerned about consumption patterns than about population growth?

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Yemen on the Brink

Why would Yemen’s president be wise to start packing his bags?

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The End of Corruption?

How will curbing corrupt practices spur economic growth in the developing world?

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Delivering the Next Economy

Why is the transition to a green economy akin to a new industrial revolution?

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Yemen, Drugs and the Water Table

What are the economic, environmental and political ramifications of Yemen’s qat obsession?

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Health in China: The Environmental Toll on Children

How can China ensure the health of its children by protecting its environment?

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Afghanistan: The Way Forward

Why does half of all U.S. assistance to Afghanistan still return to the United States in salaries and profits?

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Population Growth and Resource Availability

How does population affect peace and stability?

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