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A Germany That Bets Big

Five unconventional moves that made Germany the 2014 World Cup champions.

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8 Examples of Rampant Sexism in Brazil

Brazil struggles with rampant sexism.

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This Thing Europeans Call Football

An American’s cultural journey toward the world’s most popular sport.

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Uruguay: South America’s New Zealand?

Will tiny Uruguay get squeezed between its two much larger neighbors, Brazil and Argentina, or prove itself resilient?

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Mexico’s Moment

Why is Latin America’s economic spotlight shifting away from Brazil?

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South Africa Post-World Cup: All's Well — or Hello Orwell?

Is South Africa experiencing a surge of freedom after the World Cup hype — or is it regressing to apartheid-era laws?

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Who Should Be in the World Cup?

Which regions are overrepresented — and which are underrepresented — in the 2010 World Cup?

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Soccer's Wide Reach

What are the economic and social dimensions of the world’s most popular sport?

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Dateline Germany: The Ballack-Boateng Case

Nations used to go to war over all sorts of obscure matters. Does soccer help to channel — and ultimately deflect — such destructive tensions?

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