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South Africa’s Land Question

The reactions to the National Assembly’s motion to amend South Africa’s constitution for the expropriation of land without compensation underscore how divided South Africa remains.

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South Africa’s Xenophobia Problem

Once a haven for other Africans, the country’s economic crisis has soured public opinion on foreigners.

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South Africa’s Violent Crime Problem

Decades after Apartheid, violence remains an unresolved obstacle to the country’s success.

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Zuma’s Grand Corruption

South Africa’s clean government activists have prevailed against the former president, but it will take time to undo his damage.

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South Africa’s Economic Troubles Continue

The Zuma era is finally over. What a mess he left behind.

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A Growing Water Crisis in South Africa

A rapidly approaching emergency in Cape Town threatens to spill over.

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Zuma’s Fall: Why is South Africa So Divided?

Though the economy suffered during his tenure, Zuma was a shining example of what a better life could mean for rural South Africans.

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Curtains for Zuma

With South Africa’s president out, what lies ahead for South Africa and the rest of the African continent?

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China in My Life — China in the 21st Century

Are the Beijing Olympics a pinnacle of China’s rise — or a pitfall?

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After Mugabe: 1980s Africa on the Way Out?

As the fixtures of the 1980s make their exit in Africa, attention turns to the 90s dictators.

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