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The US and Iran: Between Obsession and Forgetfulness

The Trump Administration’s obsession with the Iran nuclear deal cannot obscure the U.S. role in strengthening Iran.

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Shark Warning: Paul Wolfowitz Takes a Swim

Imagine if the Iraq War architect did not have an American passport – but a Serbian one.

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Obama’s Amateur Hour

Syria: When “red lines” lead to red faces.

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Syria, Iran and American Forgetfulness

Which nation is the key enabler of Iran’s steady rise in the Middle East?

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The United States and NATO in Afghanistan — An Asian Viewpoint

As hard power from the West has failed in Asia, what are the options for a new and different U.S. policy toward the region?

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Turning Toward Asia? A Reality Check for Hillary Clinton

Is boastful U.S. rhetoric indicative of a desire to cling to a world that is no longer in reach?

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President Obama, Declare Independence from Oil

Why is now the right time to free the United States from Middle Eastern oil?

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America in the Global Competition of Ideas

Why is America's position in the global competition of ideas less robust than most Americans think?

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Bin Laden and Mullah Omar: No Brothers in Arms

Would the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan really mean the next coming of al Qaeda?

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What Can Be Done About Pakistan?

In the wake of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, what should be done to bring stability and security to Pakistan?

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