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Germany’s Immigration “Crisis”: Six Schools of Thought

How to get one’s mind around the massive wave of haphazard immigration into Germany?

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Germany’s New Role in Europe: From Taskmaster to Petitioner

The costs of absorbing five million immigrants could easily reach the costs of German reunification — over one trillion euros over 30 years.

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Germany: A 10-Point Plan to Deal With the Immigration Challenge

What does it take to make sure that the immigrants now arriving are integrated in a sustainable manner?

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Germany’s Immigration Challenge

We have to make an honest assessment of costs and benefits of the migration crisis.

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The Return of the “Ugly German”: Unavoidable?

Europe may fear Germany, but the European project needs it.

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A Letter to My German Friends

From the Vietnam War to the eurozone crisis: What today’s Germany must learn from LBJ.

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The Failure of Politics: Merkel’s Euro Debacle?

On the costs of the illusion that the Euro would only bring benefits.

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Schäuble: Europe’s Last Man Standing

Is Germany’s finance minister really anti-European?

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Greece: France or Germany — Who Really Dunnit?

Germans are getting a bum rap over the Greek crisis. France’s role is more problematic.

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Germany and France: Stick Together on Greece

How will the end game on Greece’s proposals play out?

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