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India’s Choice: Saintliness Vs. Efficiency

The key decision of India’s BJP party is to choose between adopting a zero tolerance policy on corruption or focusing on high growth.

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7 Facts: The Rapidly Vanishing U.S. Manufacturing Worker

The share of jobs held in the manufacturing sector continue to fall in the United States.

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8 Facts: Manufacturing’s Shrinking Share of U.S. GDP

Americans have traded jobs in manufacturing for jobs in the service sector.

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6 Facts: American Women Aren’t Going Back to Work (Yet)

Women left the workforce in droves after the last U.S. recession. So far, they haven’t come back.

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Where the Manufacturing Jobs Are

What percentage of U.S. jobs does the manufacturing sector account for?

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Obama’s Scorecard

Are Americans better off today than they were when President Obama was sworn in as president?

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5 Facts: Texas Explains the U.S. Job Recovery

U.S. job market may be marching back to pre-recession numbers, but these gains are unevenly distributed.

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The United States: A Very Uneven Recovery

Richest get richer, but 93% of households below lag behind.

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The U.S. Overqualification Crisis

Why the United States is looking to Germany for answers on higher education.

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The Inexorable End of the Africa Story

Is all the excitement about the future of Africa’s economy really justified? Or is the continent’s success mostly just a commodities story?

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