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Restaurants and Society After COVID: A Report from London

Open restaurants will lift the spirits of society as a whole. That is especially important for the young.

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Why London Must Share Economic Power

Centralization has limited the performance of the UK economy.

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6 Facts: London’s Economic Clout

London’s economy towers over the rest of the UK.

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Chelsea and Beyond: How the Rich Will Destroy Soccer

The excess of capital pouring into professional soccer will inevitably bring about its demise.

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London-grad: British Capital Under Russian Influence

Britain looks to move away from Russia, but London stands in the way.

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A Young Brazilian in London

State of Fear: Illiberal impulses in democratic states.

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London and Beijing: A Polluted Tale of Two Cities

How Beijing’s tale proceeds from here will determine what kind of planet we leave behind.

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Thatcher, Merkel and the Euro

What is the legacy of Britain’s Margaret Thatcher for Europe’s crisis-stricken countries today?

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In Chile, Dissent Has a Woman’s Face

How has a 23-year-old woman posed a serious challenge to Chile’s government?

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Air Conditioning: A Form of Gender Discrimination?

How might environmentalists try to hang their hats on ending gender discrimination?

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