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Italy’s Elections: How Germany Is Italianizing Itself

Italian politicians warning against “Germany-type problems” in forming a government after the next election are a truly striking moment of European integration – although not a particularly welcome one.

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Trump, Berlusconi and That Feeling of Having Seen It All Before

What happens if one suddenly sees oneself as a character in a Marcel Proust novel?

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Italy’s Political Vacuum

The resignation of President Napolitano could pose a big challenge for Matteo Renzi.

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Boehner’s Berlusconi Moment

Will it take the United States 20 years to rid itself of Tea Party obstructionism?

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Italy: On the Brink Again?

Is Italy in for a renewed period of political turbulence — and delayed economic reforms?

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What If Italy Rolls Back Monti’s Reforms?

Italy has no choice but to build on Mario Monti’s achievements.

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What Next for Italy?

Will elections in February help change the country’s economic fortunes? Or will it take something far more radical?

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Italy’s Fateful Choice

Is Italy in danger of finding itself outside the umbrella of nations Germany and its partners are willing to support?

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Pope Silvio the Illicit: Nepotism, Berlusconi and the Catholic Church

How did Silvio Berlusconi’s tenure as Italian prime minister resemble some of the more ruthless and business-savvy popes in history?

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A 21st-Century Italian Immigrant to America

A hundred years after the peak of Italian immigration to the United States, are there still good reasons to immigrate?

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