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United States Blames Germany? What Nonsense.

For the U.S. Treasury to criticize German economic policies is rather rich.

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Syrian Refugees: A Need for Global Burden Sharing

The world is on notice: We are facing a looming humanitarian crisis.

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Beyond NSA Spying: The Transatlantic Culture Gap

The Guardian op-ed by Stephan Richter and Jan Philipp Albrecht: What can be done to deter U.S. spying in Europe?

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A Pop History of the European Union

The EU was supposed to make Europe one. But the crisis is being handled as many.

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Europe and Asia United at Last

Turkey finally realizes the dream of connecting the two continents underneath the Bosphorus.

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Germany’s Energy Transformation in Action

Major German utility RWE sheds old business model, embraces energy transition.

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Anti-Migrant Backlash Growing in Europe

A new Financial Times/Harris poll reveals rising anti-migration backlash in the big EU member states.

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The Economic Causes of Migration

After Lampedusa: Should the world be composed of gated communities?

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The Double-Faced Digital Revolution

Until now we, as simple “users,” have given little thought to where this profound technical change will lead us.

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NSA on Steroids: Georgia Republic’s Mass Surveillance

The Republic of Georgia offers an object lesson on the dangers of an out-of-control security apparatus.

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