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Google and the Birth of a Digital God?

A question that not only science fiction lovers should ask is: What future do we want to live in?

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5G: China’s Dream to Dominate World Technology

The China threat and the U.S.-European convergence of interests.

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Electric Cars in 2025 and 2040: New Policies

With minimal policy intervention, electrification of cars is likely to remain too slow for the world’s climate action needs.

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Disinformation Campaigns and Public Mistrust

Disinformation needs to be tackled by a troika – individual members of the public, the social media companies and governments.

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Will Trump’s Tax Victory Lead to Historic Defeat?

The U.S. government already spends less on education and science than at almost any other time in history. Trump’s tax plan will cut those investments even lower.

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Climate Change: Can Today’s Societies Make Big Choices?

Innovations in public decision-making and consensus-building require a richness of participation and inclusion, not just tech tools.

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The Problem With Direct Democracy: The Case of California

Direct democracy is now easier than ever. But raw public input without first improving democratic processes is dangerous.

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Can Technology Facilitate Democracy? The Case of India

Technology might help countries like India with government services, but it’s no silver bullet for the business of governance.

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We Need Peace Rooms, Not War Rooms

A proposal for the pro-social use of big data intelligence

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The World Today: A Net Assessment

Is the call for a global emergency mere alarmism? Or do we really have reason to be alarmed?

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