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Caught in a Net?

The perils of shrimping in Vietnam.

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China Vs. Indonesia: Intra-Asian Power Games

Beyond the constant strife with the U.S., China’s assertion of global powers runs into increasing resistance even by normally acquiescent Asian nations.

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Exceptional Malaysia

Malaysia achieved an impressive democratic victory. Just don’t expect its success to spread to the rest of Southeast Asia.

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Why North Korea Wants a Deal with the US

Can Vietnam serve as an inspiring example? Or is it Belarus?

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Vietnam: Recycling An Uneasy History

Discovering world history via a creatively re-bent American icon – a Coca Cola can.

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The Silent Emergence of the Obama Doctrine

The benefits of ending the curious U.S. practice of turning natural allies into mortal enemies: Iran, Cuba, Vietnam.

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Vietnam Dangles at the Tip of the Chinese Spear

South China Sea islands are arguably ground zero in any potential war between China and Vietnam.

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Battling ISIS and the Six Lessons of Vietnam

Eerie similarities between the United States’ defeat in Vietnam and early stages of conflict in Iraq and Syria.

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Legacies of the Vietnam War

A team of brave women work to remove an explosive legacy of the Vietnam War from Laos.

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Vietnam: On the Futility of US Invasions

Why on earth did the US invade Vietnam half a century ago? Have the lessons finally been learned?

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