Martin Sieff

Martin Sieff is a book author, consultant and former foreign editor.

1814 or 1914? The Fateful Choice in 2014

The surprising way in which historical choices present themselves in cycles that are 100 years apart.

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America’s False Middle East Prophet

Venerated Fouad Ajami built his true legacy on falsehoods and foolishness.

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Who Lost Iraq? Inside an American Battle

Why are the U.S. media not holding U.S. officials responsible for Iraq’s destruction?

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The British Empire’s Lesson for Modern America

Why the U.S. strategy to remake Afghanistan after 9/11 was bound to fail.

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Three Myths About the Middle East

No, the region isn’t the source of all evil.

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Obama’s Whitewashed History

Putin is no saint, but he simply revived Russia’s own version of the U.S. Monroe Doctrine.

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Russia: Pushing Back at the United States

Looking at Russia’s recent actions in a historical context.

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Churchill: Architect of Catastrophe, 1914

How a legendary politician needlessly took Britain into a continental war in 1914.

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Moltke: Architect of Catastrophe, 1914

How one general accidentally plunged Germany into a ruinous war in 1914.

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Alternate History: Had King Lived

Imagining the America and the World that Martin Luther King could have built.

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