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Humanity at a Crossroads

Do we have the will, individually and collectively, to implement the changes in attitude and lifestyle that are required?

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The United States: From Global Vanguard to Global Hindrance

The United States used to be the key force promoting global governance. What are the global consequences of America’s deeply divided domestic politics?

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Africa’s Resurgence and the Future of the Global Economy

Africa’s leaders need to rebuild the relationship between market and state, while supporting human development through education and social support.

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Developing World: First Democratize, Then Restrain Yourself?

Can we really turn around now and say to the developing world: How about changing the amount of beef you eat?

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Managing Sustainability, Globally

Can we get to a situation where accumulation for the sake of accumulation will no longer be regarded as the measure of human welfare?

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Brazil’s Strategy for Economic and Social Sustainability

Is there always a trade-off between doing what’s best for the global environment and doing what’s best for the domestic economy?

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Making Sustainability Pay

Is the global recession an opportunity for countries to start investing in a resource-efficient future?

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From Economic Growth to Human Growth

Why does the world urgently need to consider economic growth in a broader, nonmaterial context?

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Cutting the Gordian Knot on Collective Action

Do we need to strengthen international institutions to enforce meaningful financial and environment regulations?

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All Negotiating Is Domestic

Is the idea of Westphalian sovereignty hindering the implementation of global solutions to global problems?

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