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All Negotiating Is Domestic

Is the idea of Westphalian sovereignty hindering the implementation of global solutions to global problems?

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Five Questions to Save the Euro

What is needed to tackle the euro crisis in full and regain the confidence of investors and markets?

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The German Strategy on the Euro: A Pre-Summit Roadmap

How does Germany see its role, and what are its real intentions and specific plans, with regard to saving the euro?

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France’s Epoch-Making Choice

Will Francois Hollande choose to make France like Germany or to make France like Italy?

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Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Atlantic Charter

Why does the new global era demand a new global charter?

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Libya, Globalization and Oil

How has the United States surrendered some of its sovereignty to the oil markets?

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Preserving China's Autonomy in the Era of Globalization (Part II)

How does China preserve its long-standing customs and traditions in the face of changing worldviews?

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Are States Still Relevant?

How important is the state in the modern era of globalization?

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China and the 500 Years’ Peace

How do Europe and China compare in the 18th and 19th centuries?

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Is There A West? (Part II)

Even if the West can reunite on a post-Cold War basis, will it be able to steer the global system in a Western-oriented direction?

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